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Scratch builds

Shown here are various BUILDER photo albums. These albums contain specific information about each builder as well as photos of some of their scratch built models that we have sold and commissioned over the years. Click on a photo to go to that album.

There is nothing that quite sets off a serious model collection in the way that a large scale scratch built automotive work of art does. Whether it is a Classic 1930’s Delage, 1950’s Ferrari or contemporary road or competition car.

Over many years we have brokered sales of numerous rare scratch built models. Each of these works of art is unique. We are the only specialist company to have handled various works by so many of the best artisans such as: Manuel Olive Sans, Gerald Wingrove, Marshall Buck, Michelle Conti, Alistair Brookman, David Hayward, Jim Ison, Giuseppe Da Corte, Bob Hine, Jacques Brauer, Patrice de Conto, Pierre Laugier, Jacques Catti, Buzz Lockwood, Stephen Barnett. And we have also viewed many others. Sadly, some of these artists are no longer with us, but thankfully their art lives on.

We can say with complete confidence that our range of knowledge in this field as well as with all collectible automobile models/miniatures is unsurpassed by anyone! We will always give you complete and honest information about the pros & cons of any artist as well as any of the works we might be offering for sale. In this area of collecting generally you get what you pay for, but not always; and on occasion you’ll even get much more than you paid for.

There is sometimes quite a lot offered for sale in this world from numerous dealers, auction houses, and privately. Unfortunately there is usually very little product knowledge to go along with those offerings. If you have questions about any purchase you may be considering from any source, please feel free to contact us for unbiased accurate information and opinions. We are here to help….when possible.Prices on scratch built models vary greatly and are determined by several important factors:

  • Artist
  • Overall quality & condition of the specific work
  • Level of detail including any working features
  • Scale
  • Subject matter (you can make the best miniature in the world of the least desirable car and not be able to give it away, conversely you can also make a terrible miniature of the most desirable car and also not be able to give it away)
  • Rarity i.e. have many works been offered – made by this artist for sale; is this the only one the builder made or were more made?Other criteria factor in as well, but the above are the most important. The most common question we are always asked is “how much is it?” Prices on the aforementioned works can be from as little as under $3,000. to over $100,000.

To view any scratch built models currently for sale, please look at our Models For Sale page.

Once again, if you have any questions about any miniature you might be considering the purchase of from anywhere, or if you would like to discuss your own private commission, or assembling a collection, please feel free to contact us. All inquiries are strictly confidential.

1:10 scale - Aston Martin DBR2/1
Manual Olivé Sans - Spain
1/15 Ferrari 500 F2
Alistair Brookman - Australia
1/12 Alfa Romeo 2600
David Hayward - England
1:15 scale - 1933 Duesenberg Model J Derham Tourster
Gerald Wingrove - England
Ferrari Testa Rossa
Jacques Brauer - France
1:8 scale Rolls-Royce Piccadilly Roadster
James Evans - USA
John Snowberger - USA
Daimler Motorrad
MM Studio - Russia
Bugatti Type 57 SC Chassis
Sean McKenna - Scotland
1/12 scale -Bentley Speed Six "Old No. 2" Le Mans 1930 factory team car
Marshall L. Buck - USA
Ford GT40 P/1075, Le Mans 1969
Bob Hine - England
Porsche 356 Speedster
Fumio Sakai - Japan
1912 FIAT
Giuseppe Da Corte - Italy
1:12 scale Ferrari 330 P4
Jacques Catti - France
1:16 scale - Alfa Romeo, Targa Florio
Jim Ison - USA
Ferrari 330 GTC
Michele Conti - Italy
1:10 scale - Mercedes-Benz W163
Rex Hays - England
1:43 scale - Maserati 450S
Stephen Barnett - England