CMA Models

Limited editions

The philosophy behind all of our CMA Models limited editions is simple… it right or don’t do it at all, and quality is paramount. We produce, and represent the finest quality limited edition hand built models to be found anywhere.

The models and kits we create are extensively researched. If need be, we travel the world to do so. We often have access to the actual car and people who have important history relating to it.

For each CMA edition, Marshall Buck personally conducts the research, and he makes the master models for production. Some editions are also personally built by him. When you purchase a CMA limited edition piece, you are getting an extremely rare model, which is equal in quality and accuracy to one of Marshall’s world renowned one-of-a-kind scratch built models, but for a fraction of the price of his one offs.”

One more little known fact about Marshall and the models. His “eye” for shapes and detail is so highly regarded by some of the major automobile collectors and restorers, that he has been hired and brought in to consult on body shapes and details of certain cars undergoing major restorations.

Being that we are car enthusiasts with eclectic and broad interests, it is not an easy task to choose which automobiles to replicate in miniature. The basic parameters are that any subject we choose must be desirable, fascinating, and beautiful.

For each model edition we place an extremely strong emphasis on getting the body shape just right along with incorporating a very high level of detail andvery importantly, we go to great lengths in research to make certain our models are historically accurate. Historical accuracy is not a gray area for us as it certainly is for most other model companies. It should also go without saying that the models by Sean McKenna naturally meet our high standards.

We do not cut corners or over produce any edition. All of our CMA editions are produced in the U.S.A, and Scottish model engineer Sean McKenna produces his art from his home/work shop in France.

The edition sizes of our CMA built models on the average are now limited to a series of as few as 10 to 25 with an occasional stretch to 50. In some cases, our very limited edition hand-built models come with plaques personally autographed by famous race drivers and automotive personalities. CMA was the first to offer this to collectors, now copied by many.

As we are a small specialist company it takes a great deal of time and cost to put built models & kits into production, hence there are very few, but select CMA limited edition models available at any one time. In an effort to meet demand without sacrificing quality we are hoping in the near future to be able to produce a new model approximately every 12 to 18 months. And, as always, we will continue to represent and look for other unique high quality editions that will only be found here.