CMA Models

Sculpture: Mercedes-benz

1929 Mercedes-Benz SSK – Pewter Sculpture
“The Hunt”
by Raymond Meyers for the Franklin Mint

Produced in 1977. As many know, The Franklin Mint is now only a mere shadow of itself, The “Mint” has not produced anything original in very many years. But back in their heyday, they produced numerous original collectibles, some were automotive such as this piece, in a series of pewter sculptures, classic car scenes and a few sports cars; most as this one is, were in 1:24 scale. We have seen, bought and sold most of their automotive scenes, but the only one we sought out and bought for our own collection was one of these wonderful Mercedes Hunting scene sculptures. The overall accuracy of the car, combined with the detail, and feel of the scene works extremely well. By the way, the real car was once owned by Bill Harrah. You might on occasion find one of these sculptures, but very often it will be damaged and missing at least one or two parts: the Mercedes star mascot and barrels of the shotgun being held by the standing hunter.
This piece is in perfect AND complete condition!
We have had a few of these, and this is the LAST ONE!