CMA Models

Sean McKenna

Originally born, raised, and working in Scotland for many years, he and his wife and children relocated to a village in the French countryside in the early 2000’s.

McKenna has a background in engineering, and in the early 1990s, while looking for a career change, he came across Marc Antonietti who was actively trying to sell his model business (later Antonietti decided to change what he had agreed to). McKenna purchased the business and furthered his own already good model making skills by training for awhile with Antonietti to learn how his models were made. Though most of McKenna’s models are limited edition runs – each model is very much a completely and individually scratch built piece. He specializes in Bugatti (that is when he actually works) and most of his models are made in 1:8 scale. He has also produced limited edition runs of famous wheels, and various other parts.

One cautionary note. We used to represent McKenna, and we have sold many of his 1:8 models and other pieces, but after his epic failure (for 18 years!!) to deliver one model which was pre-paid, we finally had to sever all ties. He has also failed to deliver to other clients, and unfortunately became 100% unreliable. Too many excuses, broken promises, unanswered emails & phone calls, and outright lies. Not a good way to treat someone who gave him so much business. So, if you attempt to deal with him on your own consider yourself warned.