1937 Delage D8-120-S Aerodynamic Coupe

Chassis No. 51620
1:12 scale Limited Edition Hand Built Limited Edition
Price: To Be Announced
Future release
Designed by Georges Paulin, Coachbuilt by Marcel Pourtout, the personal car of Louis Delage, and the winner of the "Best of Show" title at the 2005 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

This spectacular one-of-a-kind automobile was built for the 1937 Paris Auto Salon; after that it became Louis Delage’s personal car. Since its show stopping restoration, this Delage has taken part in many Concours, has been featured in numerous publications, and was one of the select cars featured in the 2010 museum exhibition entitled “The Allure of The Automobile”

Shown are photos of the real car as well as our very rough 1:12 scale master pattern along with our smaller 1:24 scale test shot. (We often use a smaller test shot to check many areas before having the larger 1:12 pattern made.) There is still a lot of hand work to be done, which includes modifying and final shaping of the body in many areas, and then making and finishing various detail parts, but the majority of the most intensive work has been completed. This body with all of its compound curves, flowing lines and subtle nuances is one of the most difficult to capture.

The two 3/4 view photos of the Delage in the snow were taken a few years ago while we were doing our initial research, gathering of dimensions, and taking numerous photos. As with all CMA Models, ours will be exceptionally high quality, completely accurate, truly limited edition hand built collector pieces. They will all be highly detailed static models (no opening panels) but they will still feature a wealth of detail. To insure our high quality standards, we will only build one or two at a time, by hand, in our workshop, in the USA. Unlike most other model companies, we do Not make nor do we mass produce any models in China.

Our edition of hand built models will be limited to no more than 50 signed, serial numbered pieces. Each will be supplied with a custom made display case. Limited edition kits will also be available for those who prefer to “do it” themselves. We also have a few little surprises to announce when production starts.

Please note: We have been working on our CMA Limited Edition for a long time. We were the FIRST company to select this car to be made in any scale larger than 1:43.

The next best thing to owning the real car is owning one of our models.

The Art of Extreme Detail by hand.
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Made in the USA