CMA Models

Da Corte

One of the best of the old guard of model makers. He produced each of his models entirely by himself in a small 8ft x 8ft workshop where he managed a garage just outside of Rome. Unlike many of the other well known masters of automobile miniatures Da Corte did not ever take on any commissions for models. He built only for himself, one each of cars that he admired for his own collection, with no intention of selling any, though late in his life he was forced to sell them. It is believed that he constructed between 12 to 15 models during his lifetime, and the whereabouts of only some are known.

Most, if not all, were built in 1:8 scale. Over 2,500 hours to build each mode, and as with all of Da Corte’s works, each model was very complex. Just a few magazine articles have been written about Da Corte and his works.