CMA Models

Order Terms

Sorry that this is so lengthy, but it is due to some past experiences, and that we all live in a complex world………

1) All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars and are only payable in U.S. Dollars.

2) All orders we receive are considered to be FIRM orders.

3) A deposit is required on any and all orders for built models and any special order items. There are NO exceptions.

4) Time/delivery quotes & estimates on models and kits are only approximate. Please note regarding built models: Due to the nature of the handwork involved and our small, but expert staff, the amount of time can vary greatly from the original time estimate. The bottom line is if you are in a hurry, or will be upset if you don’t receive a model or kit when you think you should then please do NOT place an order.

5) All orders for any item(s) we sell must be paid for in full before any are shipped. This includes all packing and shipping costs and applies to every order.

6) We require balance due, payment in full, etc. upon our notification to the customer that the item(s) ordered are ready. If paying by credit card we will automatically charge your card when your order is ready. If you are paying by any method other than credit card please be aware that any delays in our receiving payment may very well result in delayed shipping. In some instances the shipping of your order may be greatly delayed or canceled by us.

7) RETURNS – BUILT MODELS: may only be returned for exchange of the same item, and only if the item(s) have been damaged in shipping. In the case of a model being irreplaceable the customer will be refunded their money in full. Custom Built to Order models are excluded from exchanges. If any damage occurs then the model(s) will be repaired and or replaced if necessary – any and all determinations as to repairs or replacements are done solely at our discretion. Please note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Any and all other requests for returns must be submitted in writing and may be considered on an individual basis.

7A) RETURNS – KITS: may only be returned within 30 days from the date we ship the item(s) to the customer. No returns are accepted without authorization which you must obtain from us by either phone, e-mail or written letter. There is a 15% restocking fee that will be deducted from the refund and shipping and handling charges are not refundable. A refund will only be issued if the item(s) are received here at CMA in perfect salable condition, and meet the above listed criteria.

7B) RETURNS & EXCHANGES – TIMEPIECES: may only be returned for repair or in the event of damage in shipping and timepiece is beyond repair. In the case of a timepiece being irreplaceable, the customer will be refunded their money in full. A timepiece may only be exchanged for the same or similar item, and only if this has been agreed upon by both CMA and the customer. Any and all requests for returns or exchanges must be submitted in writing and will be considered on an individual basis.

8) CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS of deposits on any orders placed: Deposits will only be refunded if an order is canceled within 30 days from the date the order is placed and only if work has not yet started within the 30 day time period. If an order is canceled after 30 days and the work has not yet started on your order then the deposit may be changed into a credit at CMA to apply towards purchase of any other item(s) we offer. Any and all cancellations must be submitted in writing. Cancellations over the telephone are NOT accepted.

9) SHIPPING: DOMESTIC: Built models are shipped via FedEx and other Hand Transport services (depending on certain variables). The destination of the shipment and type of model(s) or kits, or other merchandise will determine the choice of exactly which carrier service we ship by. In some rare instances certain built models will only be hand delivered by us. All items such as some (but not all) models, kits, Timepieces, and automobilia items are shipped via FedEx Ground service to a business address, or FedEx Home Delivery service to a residential address, or in rare cases the U.S. Postal Service.

OVERSEAS: Built models are shipped via FedEx and occasionally U.S. Airmail or EMS. Kits and other items are usually shipped via U.S. Airmail unless there is high value or another service is requested by the customer.

INSURANCE: DOMESTIC: All shipments are fully insured.

INSURANCE: OVERSEAS: Shipments have limited coverage unless shipped via FedEx. Please note that it has been our experience that Postal Express Mail(EMS) will take an extremely long time to pay any insurance claim and in some cases they will not always pay at all for loss or damage. If you the customer choose to use EMS then you must assume all the risk,however if we (CMA) choose to use EMS then we will assume all the risk.

Please also note: regarding Customs and Import Duties for your country (which we are aware can be very high). To insure any package from the U.S.A. the insured value and declared value must match on all documents with the shipment. Some clients prefer to risk a low declared/insured value on packages. If you choose to do so please keep in mind that in the event of loss or damage you will only be covered for the declared value or less.

10) METHODS of PAYMENT and PRICING: All prices and shipping charges are subject to change without notice. Payments may be made by: Check or Money Order (USA only), Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Wire Transfer – If paying by Wire add $25.00 for bank fees. International Bank Drafts and International Money Orders are also acceptable for Overseas orders.

11) We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order at any time.