CMA Models

Model Kits

Shown are various photo albums. Click on a photo to see many more detailed and larger images as well as specific information.

The philosophy behind all of our limited edition CMA model Kits is simple. Do it right or don’t do it at all, and quality is paramount. We create and produce the finest quality limited edition kits to be found anywhere. We do not cut corners or over produce any edition. For each edition we place an extremely strong emphasis on getting the body shape just right along with incorporating a very high level of detail and very importantly, we go to great lengths in research to make certain our models are historically accurate. We are always amazed at how many model kits produced by other companies that clearly miss one or all of the above areas which we place great importance on.

Edition Sizes:

Our CMA kits on the average are now limited to as few as 50 to no more than approximately 200. The way this works is that we produce our kits according to average mold life for the castings. The kits are produced in small batch series. Each series is comprised of 50 kits. We always strongly suggest that to avoid missing out on any of our kits, you should place your order early since some editions sell out very fast, and on occasion we will discontinue some early on if they become too difficult for us to produce.

As we are a small specialist company it takes a great deal of time and cost to put a model kit into production, hence there are generally only one or two select CMA limited edition kits available at any one time. In an effort to meet demand without sacrificing quality we are hoping in the near future to be able to produce one new kit approximately every 12 to 18 months.

Building a Resin Model Kit

For those who have not built a “resin” kit before……Here is some brief information and background about these types of kits which are made by specialist cottage industry firms. These types of kits are produced in very many scales though our CMA Models kits are produced in large 1:12th scale. Most “cottage industry” kits are very limited editions which are generally produced in runs from 100 to 500 of each for worldwide consumption. The types of cars modeled are ones which most serious enthusiasts want, but would generally not sell in high enough volume (meaning at least 25,000 kits or more) for a major plastic model kit manufacturer to even consider producing. And, the bottom line is……. that major kit manufacturers make much more money on smaller scale kits, hence, any 1:12 or larger scale kits from them are considered prestige items, and higher risk bringing in a low r.o.i.

If you have good modeling skills and have built model kits before, in any scale, or any of the 1:12th Tamiya and 1:8th Pocher kits, then you can certainly build a resin kit. In fact it is as simple as if you can build a plastic kit you can build a resin kit too. Resin is a form of “high tech” plastic and there are numerous types. With resin you have more choices of glues that can be used as well as being able to use any type of paint. You may know, that is not the case with mass produced plastic kits. Additionally most resin kits come with some parts cast in white metal, and assorted photo etched brass or stainless steel parts. What you need to build a resin kit with is:

Basic hobby tools for building model kits.

  • Glues: 5 minute Epoxy and Super glue, there are many types.
  • Assorted hobby paints.
  • Airbrush or Automotive spray paints. (Use for the body and any large parts).
  • Paint polishing kit.
  • Book(s) and or model magazine articles on building and painting scale models.

All the above items except Auto spray paints can be purchased from any good hobby store. Automotive spray paints can be found at Auto supply stores, car dealers parts departments, and various chain stores.