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AutoMobilia: The Collectors Resource

The wonderful world of automotive collectibles finally has its own dedicated publication.

AutoMobilia: The Collectors Resource is a dedicated resource for anyone who collects automobilia – from serious collectors to the car guy (or girl) who occasionally collects. A vast array of vintage and new collectibles will be covered…. books, posters, signs, badges, manuals, model cars, photographs, mascots, paintings, trophies, watches, and the long list goes on. It really is a looong list.

AutoMobilia: The Collectors Resource provides unique editorial content from industry experts in print and online covering most aspects of the market including, features on artists, special pieces and collections, up-to-date news & events, auction reports and market analysis. And classifieds too! All of the staff has a genuine passion for automobilia. Marshall Buck is the Editor and one of the writers.

Published bi-monthly. 6 issues only $36. 

Visit for more information and to subscribe.

Automobilia Monterey – an International Expo

The largest show in North America to see and buy outstanding automotive memorabilia from the finest International dealers in a relaxed indoor setting. This wonderful show takes place once a year during the Monterey “car week” at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Seaside, California. This is without a doubt, the best event during the entire week for specialty automotive collectibles of all types. Great vendors and great items: models, original artwork, original vintage posters, sculptures, photographs, automotive timepieces, books, rallye plates, mascots, literature, and numerous other real collectibles. NO reproductions are sold.

Robin Bark Automotive Sculptures and Art

Robin Bark’s dynamic sculptures and paintings capture the essence of iconic cars in their purest form with minimal detail. His paintings use large areas of bold, flat colour recalling his time as a poster artist. The polished surfaces of his sculpture reflect the light, imparting a sense of speed to the solid aluminum forms.

Dale LaFollette’s Vintage Motorphoto

Wonderful selection of historic & auto racing photos for sale. This is also the largest selection of vintage racing photos on the internet, and all are true original vintage prints.

Allen Kuhn’s Vintage SportsCar Photos

The home of Allen R. Kuhn’s sports car photographs from 1955 – 1965. Fantastic selection of vintage racing photos from his archive of 5,000 negatives! Allen’s work has graced the pages of some of the better known magazines such as: Cavallino, Excellence, Forza, Vintage Racecar Journal, and Vintage Motorsport.

Tom Yang’s Ferrari Restoration & Community

For many years now, Tom has been working along side noted Ferrari restorer François Sicard. Tom’s web site is a great and substantial resource containing a wealth of information, all of which is Ferrari specific. Restoration tips and in progress features, Suppliers, Links, Vintage Ferrari guides, Stories, Events and gatherings, and more.