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Cars and watches seem to always go together, and if you are reading this page......well then we think you know what we mean! Timepieces - wristwatches and a few select clocks are a strong interest here, and one that we plan to continue with.
ALL of the timepieces we sell, are automotive related, ALL are truly vintage,  they are not new currently available pieces, and many are extremely rare, but quite reasonably priced. These are genuine collector items. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only specialist around who focuses specifically on vintage automotive timepieces. We acquire these from private collectors and dealers around the world. Sometimes (if we are very lucky) we will find a few all at once, and then we can also go for long periods without finding anything good or appropriate.
ALL of the wristwatches we offer have been checked, cleaned, and if needed serviced, and reconditioned. All are vintage, and almost all (99.9%) are mechanical movements (automatic and manual wind). Only on a very, very rare occasion do we buy and sell any quartz items. The first exceptions were two Porsche Design watches, which had a little rotating 911 SC as the second hand..... we just couldn't resist......and where have  you ever seen one of those before?!! The TAG Heuer racing helmet alarm clocks and a few car company clocks; are again impossible for us to resist, just as they have been for collectors who have bought them from us.
All of the timepieces we sell are very difficult to impossible to find. Many, if not most that we offer are the one and only that we may ever have. That's not a sales pitch, it is just a fact. Some were never offered or sold to the public.Occasionally we are lucky enough to locate more than one of a particular watch, but that is definitely the exception to the rule.  These timepieces should be considered very exclusive.....So the chances of you ever seeing someone else wearing (or owning) the same unique timepiece that you will have purchased from us is slim to none.
Additionally, each wristwatch comes fitted in a special (new) wood gift box,unless it happens to have its original packaging, which just a few have had.