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Models For Sale
Please note: we almost always have more models available than shown on our website. Please inquire for the latest updates or specific models you have interest in.
This page will always change with additions, and deletions..... sometimes often; and that depends on the models we receive on consignment, as well as ones which we acquire for resale, and of course pieces that get sold. The models offered here most often come from private collections. Please note that some models sell very quickly, and while we try to update often, we can not always do so, which means that some models sell so fast that they never even get put on this page!
If you have specific interests or wants....please contact us so that we may assist as we have done, and continue to do for many clients.
The various models we sell here range in size, detail, price and rarity. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.
Please note that there is only one of each model available.

Mercedes-Benz W196Chrysler Imperial Speedster - SOLD -