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Kurtis Kraft 500C
'Chapman Special' 
1955 Indy 500
2nd place winner
driven by Tony Bettenhausen
Built by Ron Fournier
1:8 scale
This is another rare find, it is a fabulous model made by the late Ron Fournier, and seldom does any Fournier piece come up for sale. 
About Ron Fournier: He was a world renowned metal fabricator, more aptly....he was a master craftsman. His career spanned over 50 years. Ron started with Holman and Moody in 1964, and since then, he worked for racing greats Rodger Penske, AJ Foyt, Kar Kraft, and Bob Sharpe Racing. All have used his unique skills to transform metal into Championship race cars. In 1991 Ron and his family founded Race Craft after receiving countless awards for his metal fabricating books, tool patents, and metal fabrication training films and videos.
About the model:
In the mid 1990s Ron made a limited edition series of 1:8 scale Midget Racers, and they were an instant success. Shortly after Introducing the Midgets, he created and built a limited edition series of 1950s Kurtis Kraft Indy Roadsters. Six different cars were offered; the entire edition/series was limited to a total of 500 models spread across the six versions. We firmly believe that the entire edition/series was never completed. The Chapman Special offered here is stamped number 163 on the interior floor, and is also hand signed/engraved: Ron Fournier.
This is a wonderful model, and in our opinion, it is visually the most attractive of all the Fournier Indy Roadster models. Great colors. This piece was made in the same manner as the full size cars he built - it is almost all metal, the body is hand-fabricated aluminum, finished off with a superb high gloss hand rubbed paint finish. Most other components are made of aluminum, and the chrome plated parts are made of brass. Tires are rubber, and wheels are cast aluminum. The terrific cockpit features hand a stitched leather leather seat and side panels. The model measures about 21 inches long.