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Ferrari 250 GTO, N.A.R.T. 

by ABC Carlo Brianza

1:14 scale



About Carlo Brianza Limited Edition models:

Carlo was one of the early pioneers in the specialty model car field dating back to 1963, when he presented his first scratch built models along with other famous builders such as Manuel Olive Sans, and Michele Conti.  Carlo later took the step to go from artist making one-off models to producer of limited edition hand built models. In 1973, together with his wife Ella, he founded ABC, often referred to as ABC Brianza.


Brianza was the first to produce large scale hand built limited edition models for collectors. Specifically 1:14 scale. In the early 1980's, Brianza started with a series of Bugatti's that were commissioned by RIO. Not long after, in the mid '80s, he chose Ferrari for his own line of these 1:14 scale limited editions. The first of which was the 365 GTB/4 'Daytona' Coupe. 


All of the Carlo Brianza editions are serial numbered pieces, and most of the Ferrari editions are available today directly from the Brianza family in Italy, made the same way as they always have been, by hand and in their workshop in Italy. The difference today is higher prices. Expect to pay around $2,300. USD for a new one directly from ABC. 


Our few Brianza models, being offered at very favorable prices represent an exceptionally good value, please read more......


About the model:

Hand built in Italy. Beautifully finished, this model has been thoroughly checked, and polished. No missing or loose parts, and all fit well. This piece is in as new condition. Each model built by Brianza is individually numbered, and this one is from an extremely limited run of only 50 pieces, now long sold out. Our piece for sale is number 18 of 50. This GTO is beautifully detailed including the chrome plated hand laced wire wheels. The opening doors show off a comprehensive race interior, and the V-12 engine with its surrounding compartment is a joy to see. Additionally.... being that this is a later Brianza piece, the trunk/boot also opens filled with its spare tire. This model comes with its original acrylic display case. 

$1,900. SOLD