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1925-1926 Bugatti Type 36 GP

by Classic Collectibles

1:10 scale


This is a very rare hand built limited edition model of the Bugatti Type 36 Grand Prix racer. It was developed using original factory drawings. From start to finish the edition was entirely made in the USA, during the mid 1990s. This was to be the first in a series from Classic Collectibles who were then based in Wisconsin, but it was 'one and done' for them.....barely. The planned edition was to be 500 pieces, but only about 100 or less were made. This piece is serial number 34, and it is in excellent as new condition. The model itself is a little along the lines of a styling model, and displays very well; it is nicely detailed and very well finished. It also comes with its original cloth transport bag and display case though the acrylic cover of the case does not fit perfectly. If you collect early GP cars or Bugatti, or rare large scale models, then we can say with confidence that this belongs in your collection. It also happens to be the only one these models that we have ever had for sale. Model measures just over 15 inches long, and the display measures 21" x 11" x 8" high.