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1912 Mercer 35J Raceabout
by Gerald Wingrove
Made in England
1:20 scale

Completely scratch built by Gerald Wingrove. He has built a total of 10 of these, and the one we offer here is a very early piece, it is the third one Wingrove built, circa 1969 - early 1970s. Signed on its underside: Gerald A. Wingrove, No. 3. 

Classic cars of this type are what Gerald Wingrove has an affinity for, and it shows. Made from over 1,000 individual parts, this miniature work of art, is a very highly detailed curbside model, it is extensively and perfectly detailed in true top notch Wingrove form. Comprised mostly of metal along with real wood floorboards, rubber tires, and leather straps. Everywhere you look there are fine details. It's a real treat to just sit and study this model. The brass trim pieces are actually gold plated to simulate polished brass, so there is never a concern about any tarnishing over the years. All of the delicate black pin-striping has been replicated just as with every other little part. The wealth of detail is amazing, especially considering that each piece was made by hand. 

Wingrove retired a number of years ago, and thus stopped accepting any commissions. Rarely do any of his pieces come to market. This may very well be your only opportunity to acquire one of his automotive works of art.