CMA Models

Coil Spring Pen

Vintage Coil Spring ‘Floaty’ Mechanical Pencil

We collect automotive related ‘Floaty’ pens & ‘Floaty’ pencils, and they are not as easy to find as one might expect. All were made in very limited quantities, and as one-time production runs, and due to limited production and attrition many are quite rare. Made generally for company promotions or for some to be sold to generate a little income. This one was given away to clients for promotional purposes. ‘Floaty’ pencils are named as such since they have an item in the upper barrel that is encased in liquid  and the item “Floats” back & forth in the liquid –  in this case the Coil Spring floats smoothly as you move the pen up or down. We think these are best for display as we (and many collectors) do in our collection of over 70 ‘Floaty’ pens &  pencils.