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Tire and Key FOB Watches


We find these these to be fascinating little timepieces. Though a number of watch companies made them, they have become extremely difficult to impossible to find, especially if looking for a specific piece; good luck on that. The ones that we see most often are the Marvin brand, BUT.... we have yet to see another gold filled or gold plated Marvin tire watch as the one we have here, or the other Marvin we had (sold) with a mini DUNLOP tire! 


Most of these tire watches were produced from the 1940s-1950s, though there were still a number being made into the early 1960s. We believe that most of what we have are circa 1950s. The quality of each is fantastic, and except for the Timex piece (also sold), they all have visible backs showing beautiful high quality jeweled movements. Each brand has a visibly different movement - no two are alike. The Marvin's are a bit larger than the others, and are fitted with a small leather key FOB belt, and do not swivel in their cases as the others do. The tires on these pieces are rubber tires, and some have hardened with age, but are still in excellent condition. All of these can be used as Key Fobs or worn as pendants on a chain.