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Vintage Automotive Clocks


The clocks we have here are all fascinating pieces, which range greatly in age and types. We have desk clocks, alarm clocks, and wall clocks.  All of them are in working condition, and as one would expect, all are quite rare. With regard to style and types, we have a diverse selection.

Mercedes-Benz AMG Speedometer Alarm Clock, and.... Wheel detail!

Quartz movement, Japan. This is an extremely rare and perfect piece for your desk or nightstand. believed to have originally sold through Mercedes dealers in the late 1990's. The entire case is a heavy solid metal casting, might be aluminum. The case is designed in the shape of a wheel, and the backside has a separate removable metal casting of an AMG 5-spoke wheel. That wheel piece covers over the battery door, and functions for setting time & alarm. This is in great condition with only a few minor scuff marks on the rim front & back.....but no curb rash! Comes in a new wood gift box.

Steering Wheel Clock
Kienzle 8 Day automobile clock

Mechanical wind, made in Germany. Circa 1960s. Solid and in great working condition, keeps great time. Kienzle is one of Germany's oldest watchmaking companies, founded in 1822, and has produced numerous types of clocks and watches. The steering wheel is handmade of wood, and metal.....not sure if the metal is steel or aluminum. The clock is securely housed in the center, and winds and sets time at the back. This piece came from a large collection in Portugal. We have tried to research this piece, and so far the steering wheel appears to have been a one-off custom made item. The clock is vintage original, and is exactly the same type made and supplied to Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen, and other automobile manufacturers. Kienzle was also the OEM supplier of car clocks for Rolls Royce and Bentley during the 1960s. You will not find another like this! Steering rim measures 8.5" diameter, and the diameter of the outer bezel of the Clock is 2.5"


Promotional Quartz alarm clock. Circa 1980s - 1990s. "Mystery" dial. These were never available to the public; they were only made for Goodyear dealers, and in house promotions. Excellent condition, the battery compartment cover has been replaced with a new one. Case is cream/beige colored plastic. Goodyear printed on the face, and the ?ystery?dial clear second hand disc with full color Goodyear Blimp rotates around the dial. Wonderful and very collectible. Diameter of the case is 3.5"