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Vintage Automotive Wristwatches


Here you will find an assortment of automotive related wristwatches, which we expect will change as pieces are bought and sold by us. Within this category are specific car watches, award watches, racing teams, promotional watches from various companies such as Champion, Gulf, GoodYear, and more.


Many of these were never offered to the public, and most were manufactured in very small quantities.....think of hundreds and less. Therefore by their original limited production nature and through general attrition (abuse and loss) these are certainly rare and exclusive. 


Most are manual wind mechanical watches, and a few are automatics, which are also mechanical. Manual wind watches are easy to live with, and it is a wonderful feeling to bring a little mechanical world to life by simply by rotating the small bit of metal (the crown) between your thumb and forefinger.


Please note that we have sold a good number of various automotive timepieces, and we do try to keep the web site updated as inventory changes.